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Default Re: Free Ribbon Puff Tutorial!

Thanks for being helpful! I haven't bought the new tutorial, but the puffs are cute.

My attempt to make them without the tutorial were more oval.
I cut a bunch of pieces of ribbon to the same length with wood burner; 2 1/2 inches long. I used around 40 to 50 lenths of ribbon on each puff (just kept adding until it seemed full enough). Fold the ribbon piece in half and put on your needle (threaded with upholstery thread).

You will have 50 pieces of ribbon doubled in half, both ends on the ribbon threaded at the same time. Tie both ends of thread together with a good knot. It will make a big fanned out circle of ribbon. Then start shaping them so that some of the folded ribbons are standing up instead of laying sideways.

On one set I twisted one ribbon end before threading it on the needle (similar to loopy flowers). It gave it a different look and was a bit fuller.

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