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Default Re: Paracord/Survival/Military Bracelets

Originally Posted by Woobie View Post
I've been making these for a while now, but haven't had any custom orders until now. After you measure the kid's wrist, do you measure the bracelet between the buckles (I make them w/the 3/8 contour clips)? So if I measured the wrist at 7", is the final bracelet from clip end to clip end supposed to be 7"? I thought I was supposed to allow for the buckle, so I measured from inside clip to inside clip (cord part of bracelet only), but the mom tells me it's really big. Am I making sense? What's the right way? THANKS!!
The easiest way I have found is this. The wrist is 7", then measure out enough cord for an 8" and keep in mind these can shrink up to a half inch after getting wet. Paracord is much thicker than silver or gold, for example, and you should not measure it like you would one like that. You need to measure the inside of the bracelet, not outside or end to end. But that is a pain in the butt so I do it this way.

In the end you will have a bracelet a little smaller than an 8". Most of the toddler ones I make are 4.5, so I make a bracelet up to 5.5. My 3 girls up to age 12 have 5.5 or so wrists and wear a 6.5. My wrist is exactly 6 inches and I prefer my bracelets tight, I wear a 6.5 after shrinking, so I make a 7 for myself. You get the idea.

Also keep in mind, not to make bracelets by age, ALWAYS get wrist measurements because my 20 year college wrestler has a full 9 inch wrist, while my 44 year old husband has a 7.5 in wrist.

Good luck!

Feel free to contact my via my Etsy or my FB/knotkrazy if you have anymore questions.

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
omg - the name of your etsy - priceless!
Thank you!!!

As for other posts:

I prefer 3/8" contoured, they really are more comfortable. However lately I have been using shackles as the men like those better. I also use no buckle at all sometimes, and now and then a knot and loop. Once or twice I have used crimp ends and a lobster claw clasp. Really depends on the customer's wishes.

You can purchase buckles and paracord fairly cheaply on eBay. I buy my cord by the 1000 foot rolls now, buying by the 100 foot, I just couldn't keep it in stock. Try to never pay more than $10 for 100 feet, they are just ripping you off. There is one person that has a great selection and he knows it and charges according... Like $5 for 25 feet! Always compare before buying!!! Oh and shipping dates/area, nothing worse than needing a color that week and getting a shipper from China!

As for ends: I only get black ends when I use a candle! That's so funny! I really go through lighters like crazy though. And lastly, depending on the item, occasionally I will use a needle and thread to hold something in place, i.e. a letter, an end, etc.

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