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Default Re: Paracord/Survival/Military Bracelets

Originally Posted by Woobie View Post
Thank you. I think an extra 1/2 inch may do. I just need to play around more I guess.

I get my suppkies here:

I get their 3/8" contoured buckle (click on see other items). You may prefer straight so it can be worn to show either side. I find the contour to be more comfortable, though.
He is a great supplier for paracord. I have never bought buckles there, but he ships fast for paracord and has lots of great colors and patterns.

My local army/navy store has a ton of paracord right now, which is great. They even have some more girly colors like light pink and powder blue. I got a great rainbow pattern with pink, blue and purple with a yellow background and it looks awesome with any other color for the second color.
Retail site:

Wholesale site:
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