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Default Re: Paracord/Survival/Military Bracelets

My son and I have been making these & he's been selling them at the high school. We buy our paracord from Supply Captain & got our buckles from ScrubHatLady on ebay. Very cheap price for the buckles, and they work great. (we got 100 for $16, including shipping, and we were able to get up to 4 colors) Supply Captain has the best prices that I've found on paracord, and if you call in order, the shipping seems a little better. I called in my last one & still was able to go pay through paypal, so it worked out great! 100 ft is $7, but even just to try it out, 25 ft is $1.95, so that isn't so bad either.

We heat seal our ends with a candle flame. I found that slower heating is better if you don't want it to turn black, but it still happens sometimes. Once it gets "molten" we use the end of needle nose pliers to smoosh it against the bracelet so it's secure. You also have to make sure that you weave the ends back through a bit, or at least twist them, otherwise they will pull out.
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