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Originally Posted by LPLKaryn View Post
Show me a picture of what you've got and we'll get you on the right track
thank you . . . switched over to the classic bow.

the upper right tail is longer than the lower left tail - is this okay?

from your pics on page 20 and 21 . . . it appears the line on the template matches up with where your ribbon intersects (although it's quite difficult seeing the detail in your pics) . . . but my intersection is above this line (green line on the pic below) . . . is this okay?

is it okay if i don't secure the ribbon . . . but rather go directly to page 24 while it's on the template? if so, the pic on page 24 just shows dots and i've drawn in a black line on my pic of where i'm assuming the sewing should be . . . should the 3 stitches be on the top - or the back of the template - or does it matter?

also on page 34 . . . which end do i tuck in - the one on the right or the left - does it matter which one? is there any "trick" when using printed ribbon?

perhaps i'm being overly detailed, but i'm honestly trying to follow the written directions and match it up to your pics as best as i can see them!

thanks so much . . . i think i'll go sew this bow with the stitches on the top and take a pic. i'm not quite sure what i should do with the xtra ribbon that's not sewn, but i guess i'll find out!

p.s. i'm a bit leery about posting more details/???s as i don't want any of your proprietary info disseminated . . . so if you want me to edit/delete this post, i will!

edit edit . . . and i'll also take pics of my 3/8 bows . . .
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