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Default Re: Free Ribbon Puff Tutorial!

This too! LOL
Originally Posted by tiffer View Post
awww...I'm soo sorry you feel awful - its not fun to be hammered when you were new to a place and just trying to be helpful. I'm sure the other ladies on here just want to make sure that everyone knows the paid tut is well worth the money, I doubt they meant to hurt any feelings. I think they were just trying to be helpful in return to let everyone know that instead of possibly wasting time and money in supplies (and headaches) you should consider the small price to pay for something that is much better. I just recently bought the tut and I do agree whole heartedly that it is well worth all the fuss. However, I personally do appreciate you taking the time to share your find with never know who might benefit from someone else's posts. I also hope that you will not be deterred from posting again...the ladies here have a wealth of knowledge and can be extremely giving and helpful!!
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