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Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
i got tons of ??? also . . . gonna give it to dd to see what she comes up with by following the directions (she knows zip about making a bow - so she should be a good test). maybe she'll figure out where i'm going wrong!

i haven't gone thru all the methods of folding . . . but i like the one where you wrap it & put a pin/tack in the middle . . . it seems to me to be the best no fail method.

edit . . . i was also attempting to make these from the templates, but they're coming out standing straight up in the middle. . .

if anyone knows of a tut (free or $) for these . . . i just can't figure out how to get such a straight middle section and then have it go out to a bow. thanks for any help! attempts at the TBB give a whole new meaning to the "TWISTED" boutique bow...pretty scary!!

But I'm not giving up just yet...I WILL figure these out!!! (hopefully)
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