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Default Re: Need help from the hair bow experts!

Originally Posted by ojyllek View Post
I was Medusa for Halloween one year in Middle Schoolish. We cut apart a few wire coat hangers, braided my hair around the wires, then shaped them up.
That must have looked awesome!

This is part of a Winter Guard routine - same costume as everyone else, so her head has to look the part. Hair-wrapped wire is a great idea, but I'm afraid it might catch on her flag.

Actually, you gave me an idea...

I really wanted a finished piece that she could take on and off, but what if she tied her hair in little ponytails all over her head, and somehow clipped a piece of crin to each elastic? It would be an enormous pain for every competition, and I'm not really sure how to clip the crin.

How did she do it? I am so not creative.
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