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Originally Posted by tiffer View Post
I got the new ultimate kit in the mail yesterday (only 2 days of waiting)...I've read each of the books from cover to cover but I'm not understanding how to use the size guide that came with the snap templates... Can anyone please explain it to me in layman's terms?

And...which method of folding the TBB do you prefer (if you use the BBM)..the quick and easy, true fold, or split tails

i got tons of ??? also . . . gonna give it to dd to see what she comes up with by following the directions (she knows zip about making a bow - so she should be a good test). maybe she'll figure out where i'm going wrong!

i haven't gone thru all the methods of folding . . . but i like the one where you wrap it & put a pin/tack in the middle . . . it seems to me to be the best no fail method.

edit . . . i was also attempting to make these from the templates, but they're coming out standing straight up in the middle. . .

if anyone knows of a tut (free or $) for these . . . i just can't figure out how to get such a straight middle section and then have it go out to a bow. thanks for any help!

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