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Default Need ideas on how to display in a SMALL area

I am going to be displaying some bows in dance studio. I don't want to take up very much room as I know space is tight. Any ideas on how to display?

I have the bows on cards and would like to hang them somehow. I have heard of walmarts gridwall but couldn't find any at my walmart...not sure which section it is in?? I just walked the whole store lol.

Anyone have any photos of very small displays? Anyone use the walmart stuff and have a photo so I know what to look for(and where is it at in walmart??)

Should I just put the bows in baskets instead?
Also, I am only bringing maybe like 20 bows. A friend mentioned maybe I should have some order forms out for people if they want other options...think that is a good idea? The manager of the dance studio is letting me do this for free and I don't even know her really so I don't want to be rude or anything.

Any help would be appreciated!
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