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Default Re: A No-Sew Cheer Bow

Originally Posted by woodkins View Post
I own a cheer bow company and sell hundreds of bows to high school, rec league and all star teams and don't sew the centers of my bows...which in my opinion (and that of my customers) doesn't make them a "shitty bow".

I fold my bows and secure the centers with a zip tie and have NEVER had the loops slip, slide, etc. I have pulled, tugged, ripped etc and cannot make those loops slip or slide.

Althought I don't personally like the look of double layered bows not being secured to each other there are those that do. None of my customers have ever requested them to be like that, I make more of the mystique, sequins, wave, rhinestone bows.

I am TOTALLY with you on that look for most cheer bows! I just make so many of them for my daughter that I thought she needed a few of the different look, too.
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