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Default Re: What images can be used and not used?

Originally Posted by Ajcnpgc4ever View Post
I was wondering the same thing. A lot of ppl use copyrighted images I was wondering how they were going about do them. I would like to make my own images. I did make my first bottle cap the other day for my daughter halloween bow. I just bought scrap book paper and punched out a pumpkin and place int he bottle cap. I have no ink in my printer right now and this seemed to work. I hope this is okay???? I would love to also see what others say about the bottle cap images. It seems like a lot of ppl have question in the images and are a little confused. This is a good question to ask. Look forward in seeing what everyone says.
My understanding is that if you buy something licensed - like scrapbook paper, even if it is Disney, etc. then you can use it. Disney got paid for it to be used on the scrapbook paper and you are consuming it, not reproducing it. If you go to the scrapbook manufacturer's web page and print a picture of it, Disney did not get paid for your use and that is not kosher. I make felts, but will not do licensed images, *except* for using a licensed fabric fused to the felt - in that case I bought the fabric and the license holder got their fee.
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