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Default Re: Have you made Duct Tape Bows, etc.??

HI, I have been making them for about a year now, and every show I do I make enough to hang on a long fabric belt (about 50) and the last show I did I sold all but 3, now I bring my tape with me and make them on spot the colors they want and charge an extra $1 for customs on spot. Then again I have every colory and pattern thats out there and I make mine about 3" wide and attatch them with Bobbie pins(so much easier). I sell for $2 each. Also I have ones on alli clips if they want them for the little girls and dogs. I do not line the clips as its a cheap fun Bow. Also I just found glow inthe dark tape and Christmas tape, can not wait for the next show to have these ones, also you can make probably 50 in an hour (so easy).
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