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Default Christmas is coming! Christmas crafts...

So I've got an aunt who is a missionary in the Philippines. Her & her family put up their Christmas tree today (the holidays are a lot different there. No thanksgiving, etc.). She mentioned that she wishes I could have been there to help her creativity wise. So this made me start looking online for things to help her with & I came across all sorts of great how-to things! I thought, "what better place to share these than hg?!" Now NONE of the following links are mine (obviously) but hope you enjoy

Homemade crayon ornaments. If you get cute generic tins, could also be great to make without a hanger & sell as large take-anywhere crayons at shows.

Gorgeous ribbon trees,pd.html

Ribbon wreathe

Owl ornaments (my mother & I made these to donate to our church's country shop for the fall festival... very easy to make & come out super cute. We used shiny ric rac on the tummy & sequins for pupils.)

This is it for now. (Have to take dd to pres k) but I'm sure I'll post more later.
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