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Originally Posted by a_marines_wife03 View Post
i think may be my glue gun just stinks. Does fabric tac hold well. May be ill just get a better glue gun. hmmm i sew some stuff but other things i just cant sew but i dont like wating for glue to dry
I've made a bunch of FOE headbands and have attached fabric flowers, etc to it & haven't had any come apart. I do let it set for at least a day to be sure that it's reached the strongest hold because you can pull it apart (with a little difficulty) when it is still wet. But once it's dry, it's been fine for me. And I can continue making it while it is still wet, what I mean is that once I'm done with it, I try to wait till the next day before letting anyone wear it. I don't sell mine, so I don't make a ton. But I do make them regularly for gifts as well as wearing the headbands. Like I said, I don't make elaborate bows, so idk how well it would work on something like that, but if I were to try to make one, I'd try the fabri-tac first just to see. I like how it's done with the fabric flowers and the headbands. And honestly, I've made some that I've worn just an hour or so later... But try it out on what you are working with to be sure it'll work for you. For me, it's my favorite glue!

Hope that helps!

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