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Originally Posted by trixy4444 View Post
Oooh, let me know what you find. I had shown the 1" headbands I bought from a destash to a friend who goes to dtla on a weekly basis. She said she has been looking for those and hasn't found them. I am thinking since I have a sample I would have better luck?

I live in Lake Forest. I have been really wanting to check out LA and am planning to get there when Ihave some PTO between Christmas and New Year's. I had heard not many places are open on weekends so it's a waste to go up there on the weekend. What are your thoughts on going on the weekend though?

Where do you live?
I live in Woodland Hills. Our dentist is near downtown so I'm gonna try to stop by the fashion district before my appt tomorrow. I've been to the fabric district some years back (but not for fabric) and I remember it being so darn crowded on the weekends. I think weekdays would be your best bet. I will let you know what I find tomorrow
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