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Default Re: [Ribbon Roses]-what am I doing wrong?

Originally Posted by breemichelle View Post
So here are 3 of mine....
The satin green one was my very first try.....
It LOOKS right, but I want opinions...
The other two are made with 7/8 grosgrain....and for some reason, they aren't looking right to me. Is there a trick to making the roses out of the grosgrain ribbon or should I just stick with the satin? Suggestions,tips?

I don't make a whole lot so I don't know that I really have any tips, but imo the green lookds the best, then the striped, and the white starts good, but then looks like maybe you rolled too tight. I'm not sure exactly what happened on the white one. HTH. I think just a little more practice and you'd be great at any type of material. I've learned a lot of things are better with practice!
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