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Default Re: How did you learn to make Bows?

Originally Posted by dayrestole View Post
My family is very crafty and the gene passed me. I realized that I could make bows for wreaths that were actually decent. Last Halloween I needed to spruce up my girls costume's and I bought ribbon that matched not knowing what I was going to do. It ended up bows and I stopped after that, always having the intention to learn but no time. Over the summer though I started watching YouTube videos and teaching myself.
Now I am addicted.
And I stink at it, so I'm also frustrated!!!
Just keep at it and you will one day get it... it's like throwing darts as my son's teacher said... one day one of the many darts you throw out there just happens to stick in the bulls eye! I have to say I essentially knew how to make a twisted bow and did everything right but they never looked quite right... one day I simply made a slight adjustment in the twisting of my bow and made sure the back pieces were straight and voila! It looked really good. It will happen if you keep at it and keep looking at other bows and videos! Good luck to you!
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