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Default Re: How did you learn to make Bows?

Practice lots of practice. I started by watching everything I could on youtube, taking apart bows to see how they were made(i bought out a bow maker and she had over 6 hundred bows so this was a good way to learn by taking them apart) , watching a how to video from the bow maker I bought out (taylor made bows), and eventually I became confident in my own skills and decided I liked to make my bos a different way and went from there. Really I hat a lot of ribbon to play with and a lot of "no thank you" bows that never made it to a show! I enjoy crafting but since getting into running group buys I do make less then I used to because I just don't have as much time to make them. I still do a few craft shows each season, but I love supplying goodies to all of my bow friends and customers!


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