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Default Re: Embroidery Machine

Originally Posted by Dandelion View Post
Not to be rude... but you really pay for what you get with an embroidery machine. No, you don't have to go drop $5,000 on a machine.... but if you're going to use one, and actually use it for a business.... invest about $1,000. That is investing enough to get a decent machine that you won't outgrow too soon.

I recommenced you look for a machine that at least has an automatic thread cutter and a USB port.

Go to a dealer and test them out and see what you like!
This is very good advice. If you want versatility, I agree that you have to spend at least $1,000. Most people who start smaller than that soon finding themselves wishing they had invested a few hundred more for a machine with more than one hoop, font variety, etc.

I'd recommend saving up for one if you have to.
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