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Default Re: Someone must know what dies these are....please....

Originally Posted by vintagegypsymama View Post
Yes, they are everywhere, so why post my pictures from my store instead of finding a blog with a tutorial?

It does matter what she uses to make them when she has a store that is stating that she is selling wool felt flower headbands and here she is making bulk purchases of acrylic felt.

Lying about the products you use to create something damages the reputations of those who are actually using the real deal and not the cheap products.

It's one thing to try and learn how to make something, but another to use someones retail pictures to learn how to replicate it.

Attitude? You better believe I have an attitude.
Did you come on this board just to start crap? I noticed you only have a couple posts. Seriously, step back and chill. She followed the rules and if you don't like the rules, leave this board now. Sorry, high and mighty attitudes like yours do no belong on this forum. We actually try to HELP each other and guide each other to be better at what we do. Reality check: This business is flooded and at some point, we all end up making the same things just with our own spin. Unless you have a design patent, which I am certain you do not, then just leave your attitude at the door.
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