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Default Re: Embroidery Machine

I highly recommend Brother! My husband got me the Innov-is 950D for Christmas last year and I have absolutly loved it. (I think it was about 700-750.00) The sewing and embroidery are super easy to learn. I had never used embroidery and only used a manual sewing machine. I have used it several times a week for about 10 months now and it has given me nothing but great results. I would recommend that you buy from a dealer so you have someone to get you started and can give you any support you need. My machine does have usb slot so I can download all sorts of designs and alphabets. Funny thing is that we went shopping to get me a better sewing machine and found that with Brother I could have the embroidery too for about what I thought I might be willing to spend on a good sewing machine so it felt like a super bargain to me. I did look at every brand I could find a dealer for but I really feel like you get a great deal for your dollar with Brother.
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