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Default Re: Lining clips...production line

I HATE to line clips!!!! But, since I use silicone for a non-slip, I have to do them myself. I cut each piece of ribbon 4 1/4 inches for a patially lined clip. I do about 20 of pinks, black, and white, then about 10 each of mixed colors (whateevr I may be working on at the time, i.e. red/green for Christmas). I line them up and add my non slip to them and seal the ends. Usually it's something I do at night so that the silicone is dry by morning and I can finish my clips. I can't wait till my daughter is old enough to do this step!

For the bows, a lot of times I sit on the couch with the fam and fold/sew bows while we hang out, so I end up with a bag full of bows to later attach the centers and stick on the clips.
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