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Default Re: Lining clips...production line

Originally Posted by VioletDaisy View Post
Unless you have very specific ribbon that you want to line your clip (which I only use my "cute" ribbon when the ribbon is actually going to show--like preppy stripes, patterns, etc.--with a resin or something that actually lets the cute ribbon show through), I would SOOOOOO buy pre-lined clips from MySunshineBoutique!!! I just got my order today and they are AWESOME. I am SOOOOOO very picky how my clips are lined. But I am trying to cut down on production time and order from them. They rock!! I would SOOOO recommend them. They have solids, dots and prints to choose from. You can't go wrong on the price! For the price they are selling them, it's not worth my time to do them myself
we're happy you like. If you have other ribbon you would like to use, you can ship it over and we can line the clips with your ribbon.
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