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Default Re: Everytime someone links to an Etsy shop...

thank you for posting this information. i had no clue about this. great idea to space out the link or words.

Originally Posted by mommy2-4 View Post
Or any website for that matter.....

I think its interesting how many Etsy shops have ads here on HG now. Ever wonder how they found HG? Probably by seeing incoming links when people ask "how to make this flower" or "have you tried this tut?". I get links from HG all the time on my etsy and website.

So, next time you link to someplace trying to make something or get a review of a tut or pattern - if the owner of that shop is savvy with analytics, be aware that they will find HG, and your thread!
Originally Posted by Laura612 View Post
I've thought of that so many times... it is better to tell us what to search for or to space out the link so it doesn't turn into a live link... then we can put it back together and using a new tab paste it in our browser.
Originally Posted by Krysia View Post
That's an excellent point! Most people don't think of this, and I'm sure we all want to keep this forum as secret as possible (so we can keep our edge in the market)! Thanks for the great post

Maybe, if someone wants to link something, put spaces between the words, so it doesn't hyperlink the shop/site, and they aren't aware of the link (or this site).
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