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i also have some sitting around . . . and it's so darn difficult to glue w/all the holes/spaces. i've just cut/put it on top of alligator clips & used it to wrap around centers of bows (take a few quick stitches on the back instead of glue).

i've also glued it to binder clips using zap-a-gap-glue. kinda messy but it works if i put the glue on the clip and then hold the d/mesh for 10 seconds.

my next project w/it is to sew it onto felt . . . to avoid glue!

edit . . . just thought of something else . . . maybe a headband - 1/2 foe & 1/2 d/mesh . . . and sew the foe on.

i'll give it a try.

edit edit . . . if i absolutely have to glue the stuff . . . i usually run the dremel drill sander over the back of the d/mesh so glue will hold better.

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