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Default Re: Lining clips...production line

so this is what I do (and this is just for the basic non stacked bows), lets say that i just got in 10 new ribbons. I always like to have at least 2 pair made for shows (yes I carry and extraordinarily large inventory with me every time) then I like to have at least a couple pair to make into tuxedo clippies, and I have a huge board with just plain lined clips & snap clips that people grab at checkout.
so I cut 4 lengths for the bows (usually in 3/8" and 7/8" and sometimes in 1.5" but lets not include that right now)
so i then need to cut (with woodburner)
16 pieces to line clips, (8 for bows, 4 for tux bows, 4 for clips)
4 to line snaps,
the tuxedo part of the 4 tuxedo bows,
and the centers for the 8 original bows.
I separate them into plastic baggies and put all the baggies into a bucket or plastic bag (whatever i need depending on where I plan to work on this)
I usually cut everything, then make the bow, then finish the bow (heatseal etc) then line clips, then assemble all the pieces.
this way works for me because i don't have to go back and try to figure out if I made a certain color tuxedo bow, or how many clips do i need to line for this style etc. and I can easily grab the baggie with the non-gluing portion and just work on sewing bows or heat sealing ends and can go back and easily find where i left off.... granted- when a very large group buy comes in with oodles of different colors and styles I get behind and can spend hours just cutting and sorting into my baggies.... LOL
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