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Default Re: How to make a Floppy singed rose?

Gonna take a stab at it for you! Here's a tutorial on the fly for what I think she did:

Cut a strip of fabric and singe the edges, then thread a needle and knott the end of the string. Weave the needle along the bottom edge and pulled until it ruffles a bit. Form it in to a flower by randomly rolling from the bottom and folding in to a fan shape which is why it is a little bit squarish. When you get a shape you like, put your needle & thread through all layers near the bottom in several different places. Sew or glue (I can't imagine sewing the bottom on for only $7!) a piece of felt to cover the bottom.

You can follow her line of fabric for quite a while which is why I think she did it this way.

Best of luck to you!!
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