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Default Re: Lining clips...production line

The way I do it (mostly for pinwheels) is basically by color. One night I use the woodburner to cut all of my pieces to line clips, wrap the centers, and for the bow itself. Then I sew the bows, plug in gluegun and line clips, attach bows, attach centers. Move onto next color and repeat. I used to line all clips, then sew all bows, and it became a mess that way. I tend to do 15 of black, white, light pink, shocking pink, fuschia, ivory, red, and brown, and 10 of the others in 3" pinwheels. Last show I did 1.5" itty bitty pinwheels and only sold one but have had orders for them... I just also do those at the same time as the same color larger size.
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