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Default Re: I don't get it!? Help.

Your caps can be foggy for a couple of different reasons. You could have under mixed it or over mixed your resin or if you use a lighter to pop the bubbles it could be because of that.

Here is how I make my bottle caps

I use
envirotex lite
2 plastic disposable cups
3 "popsicle" craft sticks
a scale
a straw
a toothpick

I place a disposable cup on my scale, zero the scale out (make sure its set to grams not ounces)
Pour resin into the plastic cup (as a general rule 1 gram makes one cap, I use a little bit less than this but that is how much I mix, unless it is a flattened bottle cap in which case I use a bit more.

Say we are making 40 caps
I pour 20grams of resin into the container
then I pour 22 grams (for a total of 42) hardener in the same cup (I always err on the side of more hardener than resin).
Pour into the second container and mix with a new craft stick
Toss that craft stick and get the new one and start putting it on the bottle caps
Once I finish the last cap I grab my straw and GENTLY blow on each bottle cap to pop the bubbles
If there is a stubborn bubble I will bring it to the top with the toothpick and then blow it away

I used to use lighters to pop the bubbles (and am still tempted sometimes) but it would leave a bit of a gray tint to the resin.

I have found that the LESS I actually do to the caps the better they are.

I hope this helps let me know if you have any questions!
♥ Dana
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