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Default Re: How in the world do you make this?

I think fray check works! try to apply a thin layer of fray check then iron it to get a permanent effect!

Originally Posted by Tonya View Post
There are cloth ribbon manufacturers. I've had rolls of it before, and after a while, the edges will start to fray and get a bit 'fuzzy.' They use a really tight weave when making it so that the edges won't fray as easily, but it is a single layer of fabric and the edges are cut.

I would post a pic of some, but I got rid of it a long time ago since it was more of a floral ribbon to me. That was years ago though - hopefully the process has been improved since then because there's a lot of potential for cute prints!

One thing though - if I remember right, mine was 100% cotton which would mean heat-sealing would be a BIG no-no. It would leave burn marks.
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