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Default Re: How in the world do you make this?

Originally Posted by funybuny View Post
That's what I thought at first - but the pictures really look like it is a single layer with the edges cut. Maybe I"ll play around with it sometime and see what I can come up with. It sure would be awesome, especially since there aren't many cute ribbons at my local places.
There are cloth ribbon manufacturers. I've had rolls of it before, and after a while, the edges will start to fray and get a bit 'fuzzy.' They use a really tight weave when making it so that the edges won't fray as easily, but it is a single layer of fabric and the edges are cut.

I would post a pic of some, but I got rid of it a long time ago since it was more of a floral ribbon to me. That was years ago though - hopefully the process has been improved since then because there's a lot of potential for cute prints!

One thing though - if I remember right, mine was 100% cotton which would mean heat-sealing would be a BIG no-no. It would leave burn marks.
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