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Default Re: Peacock costume I made - thought I'd share :)

Originally Posted by Heathurrr View Post
Thank you all so much! It sounds cheesy & all but seeing her face light up when I showed it to her seriously made it all worthwhile. That and knowing that it's not a mass produced over priced poorly manufactured costume that hundreds of other kids will have... that helps too. It's one of a kind just like her :P Patjnj, she's 5. And AllThingsPretty, what a good idea! Thank you! Instead of making a new outfit, I'll just hit the used book store & get a peacock book! Thanks!
I told you I wasn't good at figuring out kids' ages (at least in pics)... I thought she was *8*!!

I'm not in the Prewitt loop... is his tail red?

If your dd doesn't want to wear her peacock costume to school twice, there's Olivia the Pig (unless she's too old for it). Here's a tut for an Olivia costume for a smaller child, but the beauty of it is that you can adjust it to fit just about any size.

Or you can go with a red jumper and striped shirt and tights/leg warmers:

And there's Thing 1 (or Thing 2!!):

Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
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