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Default Re: Rosette Fabric? Mmmmmm hmmmmm!

Originally Posted by fancyschmancybyjeni View Post
I really want to make a jumper dress for my girls but I'm thinking it might be too bulky/ heavy. Although I've never handled the stuff, just "drooled from a distance" recently. I'm sure I'll get some soon. I can feel my will power slipping.
It really isn't "bulky" or droopy. Our photog used it for a modelling shoot for my one year old. I was holding it up (we were outside, and didn't have a back drop holder), and was surprised that it wasn't heavy/bulky/etc.

It is SO luscious.

I am making my girls A-line Christmas dresses with it, with a velour top.

And then...once I save enough money, I am TOTALLY doing a bedspread!!
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