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Default Re: To Sell or Not to Sell...that is the Question?

Humm.... if it's truly unique I'd go ahead and sell it on etsy..AND try to make some hype for the product, like having a good blogger blog about the new product ect.... I'd want it to get as much press as I could just so the world knew it was my original idea, and it would date the product as well, so everyone who gets "inspired" by your bow holder cannot claim the design as their own.

Don't worry about the ones who will copy your product, If its good...people will copy...or be "inspired" by it. I'm sure there are only a few crafters who ONLY sell original ideas that were not inspired by something they saw.

Good luck and like the poster above said ...make sure to have lots of varieties so you corner the market. I can't wait to see your bow holder!
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