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Default Re: Photo Thieves....Ongoing Thread

Originally Posted by GingerandHoney View Post
Originally Posted by CarboCreations View Post
Did you notice on KF Shoppe's new site, she doesnt offer paypal as a payment option?? This would make me very wary as a buyer! As I dont have a recourse if I dont get my item!

ETA: $1800 for a Tutu dress?!?!?! I thinks it adorable (to whom ever she stole the image from), but not sure I would EVER pay $1800 for a dress for my toddler to wear!!
ummmmm. are her prices in usd???? MAYBE she forgot to put the decimal point before the 00, kwim?!
OMG! I wonder what kind of person would buy something for those prices on her site when they can go to etsy & find the same things or better for MUCH less!! And they can use pp & look up feedback??!?!
I hope no one is stupid enough to buy!

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