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Default Re: First shoot with Boutique Beauties --Love it

Originally Posted by tremorwolf View Post
Looks very nice~ I like using them but it really depends on the model you book. I have several bad models/pictures come back to me and was a bit dissappinted. I also booked this model almost 20 days ago and still havent received my pictures. She claims her photograher is all booked for October and Boutique Beauties didnt do anything about. I have a halloween clippie that I needed shots of, however, I am still waiting for them as we speak.
Hi Connie! The model offered to pay for the Halloween clippies. Did you send her the invoice? We definitely don't want you to be disappointed with any of our services. I'll contact her again to ask about the status of the other clips, but go ahead and request payment for the ones you needed photos of right away and didn't receive. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you!

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