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Default Re: Ribbon heaven. Worth it?

Originally Posted by wrnglerette View Post
I got the membership at a discount but I am not very impressed with the selection. The photos are horrible - that is if there is a photo at all! I find it all very confusing. How do you get to the buy in group? What is the coupon code for tabby wabby? where do you get all this info?!?!?
They should have sent you an invite to the yahoo group, that's where they have the group buys.Once you sign into the yahoo group, look on the left handside and click on files and then you should see a file for the oct buy, click on that and it'll give you the instructions. The tabbywabby coupon code is under files as well. Look for ribbonheaven info and then click on ribbon heaven members only.

I haven't ordered from them yet so I can't say whether its worth it or not and besides speaking negatively about the group is grounds for possibly losing your membership.
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