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Default Re: TabbyWabby Templates?

Originally Posted by TabyJo View Post
I ordered these last week and was wondering if others have used them etc..Also what do you think of their customer service etc?? I ordered on Thursday and have emailed them twice about the shipping of my order and have heard nothing
I was disapointed with the Tabby Wabby templates! I have the No Bow No Go TNT templates and when my friend wanted a set of her own we saw that Tabby Wabby had theirs on sale for a better price so she ordered from there. Looking at them online you would think they were the same and I'm sure not many people will ever get to compare them side by side.

My comparison:
1. Both sets function the same.

2. The TW set does not have the sizes marked on the templates. You always have to double check the size you have. We fixed that prob with a sharpie (which rubs off and has to be redone) but the TNT set has it printed on for you. No guessing!

3. Something else you can't tell online is the quality of the plastic. The TW are are thin and flimsy next to the TNT. Nothing wrong with it, just weaker plastic. My friend has had 2 of her templates break in about 1 year with average use. I use my templates MUCH more than she uses hers and after about 2 years my 6" broke but that is my most used size.

Customer service: I have had no problems with Tabby Wabby customer service has been fine. I can address NBNG's customer service it is excellent! I always get notice of shipment right away. I recently ordered their largest template and it arrived bent in shipping since it had shipped alone in a soft package I let them know that I thought it should have been packaged with some support to prevent the damage. Before I had a chance to check my email for response I had a new template on my doorstep! I was amazed.

In summary: TW templates are fine but in comparison to the TNT, the TNT are just a bit sturdier and have the sizes labeled for you.
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