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Default Ok so I take it back!

Alright so most of you know I hate making bows!!! Hate hate hate them. When I first started out I got the no bow no go templates, made a few bows and gave up.

I really despised them.

Well we have our very first show coming up in November and my business partner pulled out the templates and started to make pinwheel bows. She then showed me and I realized I could do them on the couch and don't have to worry about a glue gun and my babies grabbing it. So off I went, dang this bow is easy peasy!!!!

I can't believe I waited this long to make some of them. The template makes them perfect each time. I packed a bag to take with me to work since my drive to work and home is an hour each way. I completed 30 bows in a hour this morning on the way to work.

So I take that back, I don't hate making bows at least not the simple ones

to the newbies, if you are looking for a template system go with No bow No go! Best templates

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