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Default Re: Lining small snap clips?

Originally Posted by alibug View Post
I do mine similar to this:
How To Make Boutique Hair Bow--4--Lining Hair Clips : Hip Girl Boutique!, Hair Bows, Baby Hair Clips, Rockabilly Hair Accessories and more.

except I start the opposite way. I shove my ribbon into the clip, close it, flip it over, dab hot glue on the top of the clip (you will be getting glue on the underside of your ribbon too), then lay the right side on top. Make sense? probably not. Then I just glue the rest around to the back.
This is how I do it too and the glue does get on the underside this way. I found that if I start the other way, I then get glue all over the place while trying to put the ribbon inside the clip.
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