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Default Re: What kind of bow is this?

Originally Posted by pat font View Post
Ohh two girls! how old are they?
They are still many of the old HGs here but many changed their hg names cause they where the same as their businesses...if you need anything just pm
I have one 15 mth old and one that is about to turn 7.. They are both a handful! I couldnt wait to have another little girl to put all kinds of bows on. The little stinker wont leave em on.. She doesnt have any hair! lol.. She just now will let me put one on a headband on but she wont leave them she won a beauty pageant a couple of weekends ago and left a headband on the entire time.. I was

Originally Posted by MauiMomma View Post
I didn't say you were....that's why I put a smiley face. I've just seen other people get slammed for doing the same thing......I didn't mean anything by it............I think this is what they are referfing to when I've seen it...........
Watermarked photos may be different though .
I know you werent meaning anything! I have been here a long time.. just not recently.. As long as they are watermarked I dont think it matters..
I would never use someone elses photo or claim it as my own...

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