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Default Re: LIL HICCUPS Boutique Bow Instructions (BEFORE AND AFTER) CONTEST

Originally Posted by Katieboosmama View Post
I have been singing the praises of this tut forever! I tried every free video and tut I could find but could never get them to turn out consistent and even every time. After getting the tut it just "clicked" Now my bows and surrounds are consistent and I enjoy making them so much more. The surround part is pure genius imo! I don't make OTT bows, or like the look of spikes on mine. I like simpler cleaner lines. To me that is the beauty of this tutorial. It teaches a technique that can be adapted to either a simple basic line or you can go all out. It is up to you! I can not say enough good about it. This is by far the best money I spent bar none! the first two are befores and the last 2 are afters, now if I could just get a tut for photography skills!
that tutorial was def heaven sent lol...I love it. i still don't get it right every time, but I still practice. I've been busy, so I haven't practiced much at all. Everyone's bows looks so much better lol

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