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Default glass tile ?s

I am really wanting to make some glass tiles, but I am very confused from what I have read on here vs what I read everywhere else. Now I have to say the instructions are for pendants that I have read elsewhere and I am reading about bottlecaps here, so maybe they aren't the same animal at all?

I just got my very first set of bottlecaps today and *love* them but terrified of making them myself lol. The glass tiles seem like something I might be able to do if they can be made the way I have read. I tried searching here but didn't find much info, so I'm guessing people don't use them as much?

Anyway my question is, since the image is on the bottom of the glass tile, can I use something like Diamond Glaze to attach it, and seal the back with mod podge? I've read Diamond Glaze melts in humidity, and I can see that being an issue with bottlecaps where the image is on top. I've even seen some tuts for glass tile pendants that just use mod podge. I don't want to think I'm safe then find out down the road they are falling apart.

I'd buy them and experiment myself, but I just don't have the spare money right now, so I'd like to have confidence in what I'm doing before putting up the money.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help.
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