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Originally Posted by staciem View Post
I use my postcards that I get from Vista, and my rotary cutter blade to make my slits. I just make a quick pencil mark on the postcard where I want the slits to be, then run the blade back and forth over that spot once or twice, and voila! Perfect slits. I like this method because I don't have to worry about the limited reach of punch.
That's what I was doing on my cardstock, but was having a hard time getting it exactly even that way, but maybe I wouldn't care as much if the cards were prettier. It'd destract from my uneven cuts. ha ha. I had heard about vista print before also, but had looked at the business cards before and was having a hard time with how they were set up, and were thinking they were too small. I hadn't looked at the post cards though. Now what about elastic headbands? Do you just wrap them around the post cards a few times?
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