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Default Re: What do you use in between the bottle cap and the bow??

I have used several things.
I used to do the hot glue thing where you just fill up the cap with glue, but they do seem to mostly fall off eventually.
What I like best is the felt furniture pads. They fill the back of the cap perfectly and it also looks very neat especially if you're putting the cap on a clippie where part of it will show. (looks more professional to the customer i think.)

i have also used the covered buttons when that's convenient as well as craft foam, and also just glued straight onto a large center knot like someone else had said.

Any of these ways will work just fine, it just depends on what you come to prefer, but I think the key is definitely the E6000 glue. I use it for everything and it the best. The down side is the long drying time, but nothing will ever fall off!
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