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Default Re: What do you use in between the bottle cap and the bow??

Originally Posted by mabear74 View Post
For bows I don't usually anything extra, I just make sure I use a decent sized center knot. I put hot glue in the center and E6000 around it, then attach the cap. If I am putting it on something flat, then I buy some of the inch wooden disks. Eventhough they are 1 inch they fit inside of the cap perfectly.
Originally Posted by aguilarai View Post
i think the ones i use are the little furniture pads. they are the little felt circles; i get them at the dollar store-theyre the perfect size for bottlecaps
I do both of these... If I run out of the furniture things I'll just use a plain button hot glue it in the cap just to fill it in and then glue it on the flower.
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