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Default Re: Need to know where to get the crochet top!

It's just a 6" (or larger maybe) crochet headband. Lots of women wholesale them on here.... I have a lot I'm going to destash but I don't have any royal blue. HTH!

Originally Posted by Gunmama View Post
My DD wants to be Snow WHite for Halloween. Finding a costume for her thats in the budget and not a "horribly cheap, gonna fall apart after 10 minutes of wearing costume" has not been possible as of yet. I seen this on a ladies page and I love it! I cannot afford the cost to outright buy it so I want to make something similar but need to know the best place to find the crochet top. Can anyone recommend a good site or possibly themselves?

BTW if this is a HipGirl you do fantastic work. I am not planning on selling the costume just want one for my DD.

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