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Default Re: How to use Rhinestone buttons??

Originally Posted by scrappymomma View Post
If you have a little bit of rough plastic sticking out after you cut it off, you can file it down with a rough fingernail file.
That's the glory of the jewelry cutters or the micro flush cutters, I've never had ANY residual shank left! LOVE them!

Originally Posted by nauticasmom View Post
I have done this a few times and it works. I use pliers to remove the shanks
I used to do that before I found the flush cutters!

Originally Posted by kelmac View Post
I've used these types of buttons a couple of times and I sewed them on. I suppose it might look better if the shank was removed and they were glued on but I didn't quite trust the glue to hold them.

I have hot glued THOUSANDS of these and not had a one come off yet.

Originally Posted by staciem View Post
When I need to remove the shank, I use a shank remover that I got at Joannes, and then I use E6000 to adhere them. Generally, though, I leave on the shanks and sew them. For some reason, I prefer sewing to using stinky E6000!
I use hot glue after the shank is removed. I've never had any come off.

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