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Default Re: Got another tutu question...

Originally Posted by neferua View Post
Hmm, when some make the empire waist tutu, they use to elastic bands. One for the top of the dress and one for the waist. If you've already made the dress you can always just tie ribbon around the middle to give the empire waist look. Most likely you're going to use satin ribbon. I can try to add some velcro on the ribbon where it holds the side of the dress. Does that part make sense? Measure her waist, then figure how long you want the tails of your bow, give or take an inch, because you have to equate the body of the tulle as well. So once you get the amount of ribbon you want, mark on the inside of the ribbon that rest on her side (waist). Place the velcro on each side and that should help keep the ribbon in place. You can purchase the self adhesive velcro circles or strips from Wal-Mart or a craft store.

Hope that helps (and made sense)!!!
GREAT idea with the velcro!! Thanks!

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